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Max Workouts is an exercise program which aims to increase metabolism and produce an after-exercise fat burning effect with the use of short yet high-intensity workouts. It was developed by Shin Ohtake, a former competitive athlete and coach as well as personal trainer and chiropractic soft tissue specialist who has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.

I’ve been hearing about Max Workouts since 2009 but never really got the chance to try it out. With all the positive feedback however, I decided to do so and write this Max Workouts review in the process.

Max Workouts Homepage Max Workouts Review of Shin Ohtakes Workouts

What It Offers

Max Workouts works for both men and women, and when you first visit the website you will be provided with a lot of information about health, fitness, and working out. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see two links that will lead you to the appropriate pages for the product you have chosen. Both packages however contain the same basic, deluxe, and premium editions and these include the 90-day fitness program and two e-books entitled The Lean Body Diet: How to Eat for Maximum Weight Loss and The Ultimate Muscle Recovery Guide. All three also offer a 30-day free membership to the Max Workouts Fitness Club online.

The deluxe and premium editions have additional bonuses which aren’t offered with the basic package. It would be up to users to choose the package they think will work best based on their physical condition and determination.

 Max Workouts in Basic Deluxe and Premium Editions Max Workouts Review of Shin Ohtakes Workouts

How It Works

I decided to go for the basic edition for this Max Workouts review and skip on the two other editions for now. The basic package had the full 90-day program anyway so I figured I’d stick to that first and see if I can be convinced to try the other packages later on.

The 90-day program developed by Shin promised to have everything a person will ever need to get back into shape and develop lean muscles for a ripped body. This includes comprehensive workouts that Shin lays out in detail for the whole 90 days with step by step instructions and even detailed photos for users to get the positions right and receive more fulfilling workouts. The program also has 40 functional exercises plus dynamic warm-ups for each day you’re in the program.

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My Experience with Max Workouts

I am not what you would call a health buff and only do minimal exercise when my schedule permits it. While browsing through the literature included in the basic edition, I was already thinking that perhaps I made the wrong decision in choosing to undergo the workout program. But since everything was already downloaded and ready there was no more reason for me to put it off.

What You Get with the Basic Edition Max Workouts Review of Shin Ohtakes Workouts
On the first 5 days under the program, there were two types of workout routines I engaged in on alternating days. The 6th day was for active recovery (which meant I was free to do light exercises), while the 7th day was set aside for complete rest. Each workout was preceded by a warm-up session that took about 5-10 minutes to finish and the main workout routine which lasted 20 minutes. During this 20-minute period, Shin outlines and demonstrates the type of weight lifting exercises needed to get the blood circulating and the muscles working. The exercises were no walk in the park mind you, and I had to constantly remind myself that my efforts will eventually come to fruition just so I wouldn’t quit in the middle of the routine.

The next phase of the workout consists of interval cardio exercises. You can actually choose which activity you engage in as long as the level of work required to accomplish it is at par with what’s in the 90-day program. You can use any type of cardio exercise machine if you wish, but since there was a track near my place I decided to focus on running and jogging. There was also an optional abdominal workout that outlined several core-strengthening exercises you can accomplish in about 5 minutes.

diagram 4 Max Workouts 90 day Program Max Workouts Review of Shin Ohtakes Workouts

The first week was bearable, but the second week became a nightmare since I now had to regularly do the routines provided in the schedule. I didn’t realize that interval training could be so draining and painful on the body, and I was practically hearing my muscles screaming in protest. Imagine repeating several sets of exercises without any rest.

By the third week however, I knew I was going to survive. My body was now attuned to the regular workouts and I felt less drained after each routine. I also noticed that I didn’t have to catch my breath as often as I did when running as compared to when I first started. This is now my 6th week in the program and all I can say is that Max Workouts really work. I still have a few weeks to go, but I’m pretty confident that I can achieve my ideal physique when the program ends.

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My Experience with Max Workouts
Final Thoughts

I am not a fan of so-called high-intensity workouts, but I think many people will agree with me when I say that Max Workouts is the exception. Sure, you will sweat a lot and at times even mutter some inappropriate language out of frustration, but at the end of it all you will really see results. One tip you should remember: keep a timer handy for those intervals so you won’t have to focus looking at a wall clock or your wristwatch while exercising. Also, if you have dumbbells and barbells at home or even something which you can use as a parallel bar, get them ready. You will be able to use them to put some variety in your workouts.

The basic edition Max Workouts cost $39.95 – a good price for something that is quite effective. The deluxe edition on the other hand will set you back by $77 and the premium edition will cost you $127. There is also a 90-day money back guarantee offered by Shin, so you can easily request a refund of your money when you try it and find that it’s not working for you.

diagram 5 Max Workouts 90 day Money Back Guarantee Max Workouts Review of Shin Ohtakes Workouts

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If you are looking for a Shin Ohtake MAX Workouts review then you are in the right spot.  I did an A to Z look at the program and give you my opinion of his workout program.4774519787 7b774d4632 m Max Workouts Review is coming...  His workout programs are designed for both men and women so I took a look at both angles.

There are a lot of workout programs that are out there and obviously some are good and others not so great.  That is why I recommend you check this review out completely before you decide to buy it.

I will post it shortly as I’m just putting some finishing touches to it.